About me/contact

For the last few years I have been writing articles (mainly for The Electric Agora) on a range of topics, but centred on language, philosophy and intellectual history. Some of these articles have been summarized or republished here. My intention is to continue to republish recent (and not so recent) articles of mine on this site, sometimes in revised form.

My Ph.D. thesis was on the thought of Louis Rougier (1889-1982), an historian of ideas, epistemologist and social philosopher who played an important (and largely forgotten) role in European intellectual and political life in the first half of the 20th century. He was a friend of Moritz Schlick and an associate of the Vienna Circle, but he was probably more influential in the political sphere. I intend eventually to write a few scholarly papers based on my research and subsequent reading.

For the present, however, I am content to write on more general topics as I watch the passing parade. Of course, I can't help but see current trends and events in the light of our cultural past: against the background, that is, of the 20th-century world and the deep and longstanding social, intellectual and cultural currents which created it.

Mark English

(My email address is engmar3 at gmail dot com.)