Friday, August 4, 2017

Arguments about existence

I haven't been posting here lately, even to the extent of linking to articles of mine which are being published at The Electric Agora. My most recent article at the EA was a response to some claims that Daniel Kaufman had been making about the existence of things like selves and agreements. He was making more of the "existence" of these things than I would, and was attempting to set up what I see as a false dichotomy between the physical sciences on the one hand and the social sciences and humanities on the other. He doesn't believe that evolutionary biology or neuropsychology, for example, have a lot to tell us about social reality.

As is usual at the site, there was quite a good discussion in the comments section. But whether this discussion goes any further will probably depend on whether Dan continues to publish pieces on this particular question. He may do, as he indicated that he was planning to write a book on the subject.